Online Weight Management Program 

Ditch the diet and lose weight for good with our online community of like-minded, members

We know you want to lose weight and feel good but diets and restriction don’t work and you usually end up back where you started.  With our new Weight OVER program, we will show you there is a different way to lose weight, feel great and help you make a sustainable lifestyle change.

How is this different to a diet?

This new psychology-based weight loss program offers a new way to help you change how you think about food and teaches you how to change your habits for good. 

If you have tried dieting to lose weight with out success, this 12 week plan is for you.

Weight Over is not a diet. It offers a comprehensive program to help you shift your mindset and behaviour.  The course is designed to help you make better choices around eating and habits so you don’t have to rely on willpower alone.

Stress is also a key factor connected to weight gain. You will learn techniques to deal with stress in a way that allows you to feel relaxed and in control and avoid emotional eating.

      How Weight Over Works


Sign up and we will send log on details for your personal account to our online Wellbeing hub, offering a range of tools to support your weight loss, including tracking tools!


Join a weekly online session with behavioural change specialist Sal Jefferies, where he will guide you through changing your mindset and behaviour with a group of like-minded people.


Increase your activity with a range on live and on demand online classes.  These classes will provide a gentle introduction to exercise in the safety of your home. 


Receive regular motivational emails direct to your inbox and a library of useful resources aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

A supportive community

For us at AHS Wellbeing, it is all about community.  We have a strong, supportive group of coaches and members - all of whom work to support and encourage each other. Being with people that share common goals and interests makes weight loss fun. Good health should not be a slog or a chore!

It's helped me look at things from a different angle. I know what I should do but was so stuck in a negative cycle. I am happy to be changing things slowly noticing how good I feel with each small change. Hopefully this time next year I will be slimmer & stronger & have built new habits that benefit my health.  

by Sandy

It has reinforced my knowledge of habits and how we need to break them. I love the idea of "The Compelling Reason". Sal's coaching of other members of the group resonated with me. 

by Anthea