A Strength & Balance Programme designed to reduce the risk of falls. 

At AHS Wellbeing we firmly believe keeping active can improve your quality of life, at any stage of your lifetime.  As we get more mature in years, it is ever more important that we stay active and healthy - both physically and mentally.

Taking the first step

As we get older, muscles naturally start to lose strength. Everyday tasks such as rising from a chair or walking outside alone can become more of a challenge.  

Strength and balance classes, such as the Wellbalanced programme can help you to keep strong and steady and help prevent a fall. 

 Wellbalanced offers low cost exercise courses, at the right level for you, for anyone who wants to feel more steady and confident on their feet. 

A Wellbalanced course may be suitable for you, if you… 

  • are feeling less steady on your feet 
  • are finding it harder to rise from a chair or to use the stairs 
  • have been referred by a GP, Healthcare Worker or other professional. 

Feeling loads better and very happy with all the support.  10/10 for listening, advising and supporting me.

by George

Very grateful for the support each week.  It has been really helpful and very much appreciated when feeling low.

by Elaine

A supportive community

For us at AHS Wellbeing, it is all about community.  We have a strong, supportive group of qualified postural and stability coaches and participants - all of whom work to support and encourage each other. Meeting people that share common challenges with their balance can help you feel better!